Syrian hamster - Video clip

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Syrian hamster taming and training exercise

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Like most hamsters, Nibbles needed to be tamed. We have come a long way from the flighty hamster I adopted months ago. Now she has…


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Links To Videos: How To Tame A Hamster Safe Food List!safe-food-list/c1rib What I Feed My Syrian ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello all, Erin here…

The pros and cons of owning a syrian Hamster

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GETTING MY NEW HAMSTER | Petsmart Adoption | Syrian Hamster

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GETTING MY NEW HAMSTER | Petsmart Adoption | Syrian Hamster Getting My new Hamster today everyone! Please remember that I did not "buy" him from…

Syrian Hamster Fur Types, Markings & Colours!

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Today's video is educating you on the different Syrian fur types, markings and colours. Hope you enjoy and find this helpful :) x MY LINKS:…


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HAMSTER CAGE CLEANING & CAGE TOUR | Syrian Hamster Hope everyone had a great Weekend! We are finally cleaning out Biggie Smalls Cage! I hope…

Syrian Hamster Basics!

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Hey! This is a video about Syrian Hamsters and some pointers that you should think about before getting a hamster! This is my hamster Einstein…

Adopting A Syrian Hamster!

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Adopting A Syrian Hamster! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ✿ Social Media ✿ Instagram ► erinspets Website ► Snapchat ► erins-ark ✿ Filming/Editing ✿ Camera: Sony A5000 &…

Hamster Food | What To Feed Pet Hamster | Syrian Hamster Diet

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What to feed your pet, Syrian hamster. You may be surprised! Hamsters, like us humans are OMNIVORES and need more than just seeds and grains…

Syrian Hamsters | Are They Right For You?

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Are you thinking of getting a Syrian hamster? This video will tell you all you need to know! One thing I left out, Bedding! Kinds…


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Watch in HD Do realize that this is only on Syrian and Dwarf and doesn't include Chinese Hamsters since I only have a Syrian and…

Cute Golden Hamster (Syrian Hamster)

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Aqui les dejo un video de Valentina en su playground. Enjoy. Thanks for watching! Music by: RaMLuo Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Blog:

Chocolate syrian hamster (longhaired)

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This is longhaired female, her coat is chocolate, dominant spot...she is very lovely and kind :-) It is one of my favourite colours.. She went…

Syrian hamster- Mission impossible - 360° VR

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Syrian hamster doing her things in Ikea cage.

Syrians Vs Dwarfs | Differences

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I hope you all enjoy today's video! I'm going to be looking at the differences between dwarf hamsters and Syrian hamsters. I will not be…

Adopting my new Syrian hamster || Luna Jr. ♡

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My initial plan was to adopt a hamster after the move but this was super unexpected and she needed a home soon and I'm also…

Syrian Hamster Exploring New Setup

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✿ Social Media ✿ Shop ► Instagram ► erinspets // erinsarkpetshop Website ► Snapchat ► erins-ark ✿ Filming/Editing ✿ Camera: Sony A5000 Editor:…

Syrian hamster babies day 25

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