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President Obama Holds his Final Press Conference

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Washington, DC

President Obama Final Press Conference of His Presidency: Full Presser | ABC News

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In his final White House press conference, President Obama said he's emphasized to President-elect Trump the importance of surrounding himself with a strong team of…

Obama First Press Conference Since Trump Election | Full Presser

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President Obama takes questions from the press for the first time since the election of Donald Trump before his trip overseas. Before leaving, Obama planned…

Obama Final Press Conference of 2016

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Obama Full Press conference begins at: 30:03 President Obama Holds End-Of-Year News Conference of 2016 | President Obama today used his year-end news conference to…

President Obama Holds a Press Conference

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The White House

Obama "WHATS BEEN GOING ON SINCE IVE BEEN GONE" University of Chicago 4/24/2017 video

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Obama WHATS BEEN GOING ON SINCE IVE BEEN GONE on University of Chicago 4/24/2017 video subscribe for more other videos to watch: CBSN/ CNN Live…

President Obama Holds a Press Conference

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The White House

WOW: Reporter Asks Obama a PERSONAL Question to Wrap Up FINAL Press Conference as President - FNN

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Brought to you by Desert Diamond: http://ddcaz.com President Obama talks about his family as he answers the final question during his Final Press Conference at…

Pres. Obama's First Press Conference

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Pres. Barack Obama spoke about his economic stimulus package during his first Presidential press conference. Out of the 13 questions asked, 7 dealt with the…

Barack Obama's First Public Speech Since Leaving Office | 4/24/17

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LIVE at the University of Chicago 4/24/17 President Obama's First Speech Since Leaving Office - University of Chicago Former President Barack Obama's University of Chicago…

Obama Stops Press Conference to Help Reporter Who Fell Ill

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When a reporter passed out, President Obama stopped to make sure they received medical attention. Subscribe to TDC: https://www.youtube.com/TheDailyConversation/ Like our page on Facebook for…

Reporter Gets Sick During Obama's Final Press Conference

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President Obama Holds a Press Conference

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Lima, Peru

Obama Makes Surprise Visit During Final White House Press Briefing

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As White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest presides over the final press briefing of the Obama administration, President Obama puts in a surprise appearance.

LIVE: Press conference by Barack Obama and Angela Merkel following meeting

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US President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are due to hold a press conference following their meeting at the German Federal Chancellery in…

WATCH LIVE: Former President Barack Obama's first public speech since he left office

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He will be speaking from the University of Chicago.

President Obama's final press conference of 2016

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President Barack Obama faced questions about the war in Syria, the investigation to determine if Russia hacked the DNC, and Hillary Clinton's emails during his…

FULL EVENT: President Obama Farewell Address / Obama Final Speech (January 10, 2017) #ObamaFarewell

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Watch Live: President Obama Final Speech as President - President Barack Obama farewell address (1/10/2017) President Obama’s Farewell Address live - #ObamaFarewell President Obama will…