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"Obama out:" President Barack Obama's hilarious final White House correspondents' dinner speech

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As President Obama gets set to leave office, take a look back at one of his most memorable moments when he didn't hold back in…

Obama VS Trump Welcoming Ceremony in China! (Colossal Difference)

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That is an insane difference. President Obama and President Trump did not have a similar experience at all. President Trump also made plans to visit…

WATCH: Obama delivers speech and holds Q&A at Gates Foundation

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Former President Barack Obama delivers a speech and holds a question and answer session at the Gates Foundation.

Watch President Barack Obama's full farewell speech

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President Barack Obama delivered his farewell address Tuesday from Chicago, where he launched his political career eight years ago. NewsHour's Judy Woodruff is joined by…

Presidents Obama, Bush, Clinton, Carter Speak At Hurricane Relief Concert

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Former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush, and Jimmy Carter speak at the Deep from the Heart Hurricane Relief…

Obama's First Speech At The Obama Foundation

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President Barack Obama's first speech at the Obama Foundation Summit's Opening Session--The Fierce Urgency Of Now. Reflect this video on your Facebook: https://goo.gl/hVe9xC Reflect this…

Obama arrives for jury duty at Daley Center

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Watch former President Barack Obama greet others called in for jury duty in Chicago Wednesday. He also signed his book for someone who brought it…

Massive Obama Scandal Tears Apart Democrats Look What He’s Been Hiding All Along?(VIDEO)!!

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Massive Obama Scandal tears apart democrats look what he’s been hiding all along? Obama’s DOJ in our country was so abused and misused.

Lawsuit Exposes Obama Paris Treaty Fraud

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Obama declared that he would “self-ratify” the Paris Climate Agreement. It’s a treaty and there’s a Constitutional process that he subverted. Even though President Trump…

Stephen Helps President Obama Polish His Résumé

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President Barack Obama sits down with Stephen Colbert for a frank discussion of his career prospects after he leaves office. Subscribe To "The Late Show"…

Barack Obama's 25th Anniversary Message To Michelle

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Barack Obama drops in on Michelle Obama at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women to deliver a special 25th Anniversary video message to Michelle Obama. Reflect…

Watch: Former President Obama's first public event since leaving office

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Former President Barack Obama is speaking publicly for the first time since leaving the White House. Watch Obama's full speech at the University of Chicago.…

PARODY: Barack Obama Goes Sneaker Shopping

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This video is a PARODY of Complex's Sneaker Shopping Show. This was for comedic purposes and was not created in affiliation with Complex whatsoever. A…

Barack Obama Full Speech to Montreal Board of Trade

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Former U.S. President Barack Obama delivered the keynote address to the Montreal Board of Trade on June 6, 2017 where he commented on a wide…

President Barack Obama surprises students at McKinley Technology High School in Washington, D.C.

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To all the young people headed back to school around the country: Make us proud. You're the next generation of leaders, and we need you."…

Barack Obama Best Moments

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Barack Obama Best Of Moments. I think learn Indian politicians form Ex President Barack Obama Attitude and behavior

President Obama Remembers ‘Biggest Disappointment’ As President | NBC News

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President Obama discusses the limits of presidential power and his efforts to push forward gun safety legislation. NBC News’ Lester Holt interviews the president for…

RT Deutsch-Exklusiv-Interview mit ehem. Obama-Berater: "Alles ist eine Herausforderung"

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Am letzten Donnerstag und Freitag hat die unter anderem vom Deutschlandfunk organisierte Konferenz "Formate des Politischen" stattgefunden. Unter den geladenen Gastrednern war auch der ehemalige…