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Change Of Address - LEGO Friends - Episode 15

2.62M Views14 Downloads

Stephanie finally gets to stay home alone for two days - with her friends over. What do you think ends up happening?

Evie Cotillion Dress Descendants 2 Custom Lego Minidoll Repaint DIY Craft

14.94K Views13 Downloads

I made Mal's cotillion dress, now it's Evie's turn to be a custom Lego minidoll! Hers is stunningly elegant and I think the repaint and…

Lego Friends Ball Pit Room & Baby Name Reveal Renovation Makeover Custom Build DIY

6.7K Views3 Downloads

What did you decide for Sophie & Henry's babies triplet names? It seems there were a lot of you going for Harry Potter-esque names. And…

Lego Friends Custom Baby Nursery & Play Room for Triplets DIY Build

345.26K Views20 Downloads

Sophie & Henry had triplets (!!!) so their little renovated studio apartment on the top floor of the old Heartlake performance school isn't anywhere nearly…

Sophie & Henry Have a Baby - A Lego Friends Story for Kids Part 3

461K Views6 Downloads

Sophie & Henry are having a baby! It was a complete surprise (the morning sickness wasn't a clue at all). She has pizza cravings and…

LEGO Friends Friendship House Converted Fire Station Build Review Silly Play Kids Toys

207.4K Views12 Downloads

I wasn't sure what to think about the Lego Friends reboot this year, but this first build has me excited about its quirkiness and potential…

Floss Dance - LEGO Friends

55.16K Views10 Downloads

What your kids really do when you ask them to floss... Learn how to dance "The Floss" with LEGO Friends Welcome to the official LEGO…

Re-post! LEGO Friends Season 3 - Episodes 1-10 (English)

4.2K Views15 Downloads

Rediscover the fun adventures of Emma, Olivia, Stephanie, Andrea and Mia in Heartlake City in this special long form bundle! Contains the following episodes: Episode…

LEGO Friends S01 E04 Mias Ranch Romance

424.56K Views18 Downloads

Cartoon Lego friends

LEGO Friends Season 3 - Full Episodes 21-30 (English Cartoons for Girls)

8.06K Views5 Downloads

Continuing the LEGO Friends Season 3 cartoons for girls, boys, kids and everyone! This 10 episodes compilation contains the following videos: Episode 1: Friends Who…

Midwinter Night’s Dream - LEGO Friends - Trailer

148.74K Views16 Downloads

Watch the next episode of LEGO Friends! Olivia and Emma get into an issue with each other during the scientist challenge which makes Olivia wish…

Lego Friends Emma's Art Stand Build Review Silly Play

225.15K Views13 Downloads

This is such an uber-cute little contained set - Emma hitches up her art stand to her scooter and heads off to the park to…

Lego Friends Custom Studio Apartment from Renovated Performance School DIY Craft Kids Toys

105.98K Views16 Downloads

Anybody else think that Lego Friends Heartlake Performance school is crying out for makeover? Yep, me too! If Sophie and Henry are going to have…

Lego Friends Mia's Tree House Sleepover Silly Play Build Kids Toys

321.18K Views18 Downloads

Finally a sibling in the Lego Friends! Mia's brother Daniel makes an appearance in this set and they have some friendly rivalry. But they must…

Μεγάλος Διαγωνισμός - LEGO Friends - Η Χάρτλέϊκ Σίτυ σε χρειάζεται

907 Views8 Downloads

Η παρέα της αγαπημένης σου τηλεοπτική σειράς LEGO® Friends σε χρειάζεται! Η Χάρτλέϊκ Σίτυ μεγαλώνει και εσύ μπορείς να βοηθήσεις! Χρησιμοποιήσε την φαντασία σου πάρε…

Lego Friends: Getting out the vote(Part 1)

334.3K Views14 Downloads

Created using COPYRIGHT BELONGS TO LEGO AND NETFLIX I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING! I did not download this from netflix, I download it from…

Mal Descendants 2 Cotillion Dress Custom Lego Minidoll DIY Craft Repaint

466.81K Views5 Downloads

Need the perfect gown for Cotillion or Prom? Time to make one out of polymer clay. Descendants 2 Mal is now a custom Lego minidoll,…

We’ve Got Heart - LEGO Friends - Music Video

1.04M Views18 Downloads

Watch the official music video for the LEGO Friends song “We’ve Got Heart”! A cool new song about the five girls from Heartlake City. They’re…