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Lego City Police Stories Episodes 1 - 6

7.47M Views6 Downloads

Lego City Police Stories Episodes 1 - 6

Lego City Prank Fail

5.14M Views18 Downloads

Lego City Prank Fail is a Funny Lego Stop Motion Animation. Lego Prank Gone Wrong. Created by FK Films.

LEGO City - Mountain Police Madness PART ONE! - Minimovie

105.51K Views15 Downloads

The untold story of a getaway gone wrong, as three crooks are undone by a bear, a skunk and the brave Mountain Police! Stay tuned…

Brick Boss | Part 2 - LEGO City Police

6.9M Views5 Downloads

The Master Crook is on the loose and Chase McCain is down for the count! Now only the rookie cop can save LEGO City and…

LEGO City Universe - LEGO City

2.05M Views2 Downloads

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Lego City Bus

542.41K Views12 Downloads

A funny lego stop motion video about an abnormal bus ride. Click Here to Subscribe: And my most popular videos: "Like" Me on…


7.77M Views1 Downloads

All the Lego City Films. All your favorite sets in one place. Crash Test

Lego City Spiderman Pizza Delivery

23.38K Views20 Downloads

Lego City Pizza Delivery a short comedy stop motion animation brick film from. Spider-Man pizza car is after the robbers. Created by Legostop Films. SUBSCRIBE:…

Police car and Motobike . Lego City Police Chase Animation video for kids

6.22K Views20 Downloads

Will the Police catch the bad man in this high speed police chase? Lego City cartoon for children

LEGO city walkthrough Summer 2015! A 245 sq. ft. layout!

24.73M Views4 Downloads


1.41M Views11 Downloads

Cops, Robbers,Banks, Police Stations, Chases This has the lot! Facebook Our Sets

LEGO City game - Halloween Update

17.26K Views10 Downloads

What's New in Version 32.28.832 Boo! Get ready for Halloween with new silly missions!

Lego Bowling

606.32K Views17 Downloads

Jimmy and his dad go bowling in Lego City. Who's gonna win? (Stop Motion Animation) Display: - 3700 pictures - 15 frames per second Music…

Lego City Coast Guard Headquarters Epic Sea Rescue Mission + Time Lapse Build!

82.35K Views8 Downloads

On this episode of the Axel Show, Axel is making a Lego City time lapse build video with the Lego Coast Guard Headquarters set #60167.…

Jungle Rumble Part 1 - LEGO City - Mini Movie

2.57M Views4 Downloads

Part 1 of 3: The LEGO City jungle explorers have arrived in the jungle! On their search for panthers and other wildlife, they run into…

Braving The Waves - LEGO City - Mini Movie

1.36M Views12 Downloads

Build the giant LEGO City rescue boat and join the rescue mission! Send out the rescue helicopter and save the sailor!

Lego City Undercover Case Closed Let's Play with Combo Panda

9.45K Views1 Downloads

Lego City Undercover Case Closed Let's Play with Combo Panda! If you suggest using any other games, let me know in the comments!! Thanks Combo…

Lego City Casino

15.61M Views10 Downloads

lego city casino royale robbery police chase action stop motion animation HD