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Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! :) ‣ My previous video - ‣ Marcus does my makeup - What I’m Wearing: Smitten T-Shirt -…

ROOM TOUR | Kristin Lauria

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I'm so glad I finally got to show you around my cozy little room! I tried to find everything I mentioned & linked it down…

Kristin Gets Her Ideal Wedding Hair • Ladylike

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There can only be one winner. Read the post here: Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedYellow! Did you know BuzzFeed has merchandise?…

Smoothie Challenge X-Mas Edition | Kristin & Dennis

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Hvorfor driver vi og utstetter oss selv for slik galskap som det her? Advarer mot ekle scener, haha!


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Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE :) ‣ MY PREVIOUS VIDEO - ‣ I GO SHOPPING FOR MARCUS - "Those who trust in the Lord…

What's In My Mouth?! | Couples Edition

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Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE :) ‣ Blindfolded Texting w/ Marcus - ‣ Highschool Makeup - "When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to…

THE BOYFRIEND TAG | Kristin Lauria

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THE BOYFRIEND TAG | Kristin Lauria ‣ My Previous Video - ‣ The Yoga Challenge w/ Marcus - ♥ P.O. BOX: Box #…

Kristin Chenoweth Sings Game of Thrones Theme Song

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Kristin is a huge 'Game of Thrones' fan so she treated us to a fantastic performance of the theme song. Lie Witness News - First…


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Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! :) ‣ Eyelash extensions video - ‣ Clothing Haul - Products Mentioned: Kyshadow Palette Ginger Lip Kit Kristen Lip…

ROOM TOUR | Kristin Lauria

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SNAP ME - kristinlauria12 ‣ Get Ready w/ Me for Class - ‣ Tasting Weird Candy - "My grace is all you need."…

Kristin Gjør Ting Hun Ikke Kan #1

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Yoga Challenge with Marcus | Kristin Lauria

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Yoga Challenge with Marcus | Kristin Lauria ‣ The Hardest Part About YouTube - ‣ No Mirror Makeup Challenge - My Yoga Pants…

Pie Face Challenge - Kristin & Dennis

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Like si os ha molado! Nueva sección, video puntual a la semana. Las cosas cambian, igual he vuelto..:D Fechas de la gira: 11…

Diving Challenge | Kristin gjør ting hun ikke kan | Kristin & Dennis

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Garantert den som er dårligst til å stupe i hele verden!

Kristin gjør ting hun ikke kan!

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//Videoen inneholder produktplassering Mohahahaha, dette var nok litt kjekkere for meg enn for Dennis!

World Champion Gymnast Battles Back from Despair: Kristin Allen // The Struggle | the Lala

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World Champion gymnast Kristin Allen had it all until an unfortunate freak accident left her immobile. Faced with the likely outcome that she would never…