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Kim Lyons-No Excuses

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Kim Lyons for FitnessRX Mag. Direct link:

20 Min Bikini Blast Workout

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From the journey gym G.R.I.T. Extreme Full Body disc, this is a 20 minute Bikini Blast workout with Kim Lyons. This is guaranteed to get…

Kim Lyons Sneak Peek Inside of UFC GYM

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directed and edited by Alex Ardenti

Kim Lyons (Biggest Loser) Eposes Kangen Water in Miami

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Kim exposes a secret she used to lose weight Own A Kangen Machine for $0 DOWN and as little as $15 to $50 per month.…

Sexy Arms With Kim Lyons — Portable Arm Exercises

6.23K Views16 Downloads We believe the very best training approach is to base your programs on whole body exercises that stress functional movement patterns... BUT, sometimes you…

Briana Michel Filming with Kim Lyons for JackRack

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Shooting the JackRack informercial

Bionic Body Kim Lyons by Alex Ardenti, Ardenti Films

1.47K Views16 Downloads Alex Ardenti directs "Bionic Body" a new concept gym in Hermosa Beach


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Kim Lyons and Bob Harper

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Automatic Body by Nutrie Overview Featuring Kim Lyons

2.62K Views13 Downloads -- Create the best you possible! Click the link for more Automatic Body by Nutrie information. --------------- In this video: Automatic Body by Nutrie…

Christine Interviews Gunter Schlierkamp and Kim Lyons

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Christine tries her hand on being the interviewer as she interviews one of the first couples of fitness, Gunter Schlierkamp and Kim Lyons. All credit…

Dips by trainer Kim Lyons

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Fix your Dips people!!

Kim Lyons' Welcome Video

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Kim Lyons - Busting Your Big "Buts"

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Yes, we all make excuses. Kim Lyons is an American athlete, personal trainer, nutritionist, and fitness model, who also stars in the US version of…

Kim Lyons Biggest Loser Trainer on Kangen Water

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Kim Lyons - 5 things You Need to Know About Nutrition

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Kim Lyons, celebrity fitness model, nutritionist, and star in The Biggest Loser (US) breaks down what a very complicated topic - Nutrition - in to…

Bionic Body by Kim Lyons: KettleBell One Arm Swing - BBKB

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Burn fat and tone your muscles like never before with the Bionic Body Soft Kettlebell. Constructed of soft material to prevent damages and injuries caused…

Stair Workout with Trainer Kim Lyons

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Use your stairs to get a killer workout!